About Advameg, Inc.

Advameg, Inc. is a fast-growing Illinois based company founded in 2000 by the company's current president, Lech Mazur. With a portfolio of over 50 sites, our network sees over 20 million monthly unique visitors. Our sites are frequently referenced by media outlets, including CNBC, CNN, The New York Times, Fox News, The Atlantic and The New Yorker. By aggregating information from a variety of reputable sources, we are able to provide our users with accurate, high-quality and easily understandable information. Visitors are able to freely access our materials and find information on a wide range of topics, including science, history, health, business and much more.

Quantcast.com ranks our largest site, City-Data.com, in the top 100 sites in the United States (February 2014). The forum on City-Data.com gets 15,000 posts daily.

Our websites:


Seeing over 18,000,000 unique monthly visitors, City-Data is rated among the top 100 U.S. sites by Quantcast.

City-Data.com Forum

The forum section of the site allows users to engage in discussions about specific locations, as well as a wide variety of general topics.

Countries and Their Cultures

Countries and Their Cultures includes detailed profiles of nations around the world and explains the cultural norms and influences present there.


Users of Patent Docs are able to keep up with the latest innovations by easily locating information on patent applications that have been filed, as well supplemental documents.

People Search

Users of People Search upload images and information about their relatives and ancestors, and are able to connect with distant relatives and people who share their interests.

Nonprofit Facts

Whether a user is looking for the address of a local nonprofit or wondering what the total assets are of a larger organization, they can find it in the detailed profiles featured on Nonprofit Facts.

Encyclopedia of World Biography

Users of Encyclopedia of World Biography are able to quickly locate detailed biographies of notable individuals from nearly every country around the world.


Share Ranks seeks to create the internet’s definitive top lists of nearly any category. Users can create new lists and vote for their favorites.

Encyclopedia of Surgery

Encyclopedia of Surgery articles written about surgical procedures, tools, medicines and other topics in the surgical field written in easy-to-understand terms by experts in the field.

Encyclopedia of the Nations

Encyclopedia of the Nations features detailed profiles of nearly 200 countries, as well as detailed information about their geography.

Reference For Business

Business owners and entrepreneurs can find detailed entries on all aspects of business, including biographies of industry leaders and actual business plans, at Reference for Business.

Encyclopedia of Mental Disorders

Featuring comprehensive, easy-to-understand articles, Encyclopedia of Mental Disorders is the go-to destination for information on mental disorders, treatment and medicine.

How Products Are Made

Visitors to How Products are Made are able to learn about the manufacturing and assembly process of a wide variety of products, from everyday household items to complex industrial machinery.

The Garden Helper

The Garden Helper provides gardeners with the information they need to grow the best plants possible. It contains helpful articles, maps and data tables.

Medical & Health Encyclopedia

Users of Medical & Health Encyclopedia can easily find medical and health information on a wide variety of topics, including beginning a family, the human body, diseases and weight control.

Health Encyclopedia

Health Encyclopedia provides users information about a variety of health and medical topics, as well as biographies of notable individuals in the medical field.

Love the Outdoors

Any outdoors enthusiast can gather the knowledge they need from Love the Outdoors - it includes informative articles and guides about a wide variety of outdoor activities.

Bank Encyclopedia

Users of Bank Encyclopedia can easily locate detailed information about active banks in their area, as well as those around the country.

Human Illnesses

Human Illness provides users with detailed entries on human diseases, conditions and treatments. Users can add information and ask questions through comments.

Business Locator iPhone App

Our Business Locator app allows users to easily find information on businesses near them, including hours, phone number and directions.

Religious Forums

Users of Religious Forums engage in conversations about religion-specific discussions, as well as general religion discussions and religious comparisons.

Music Banter Forum

Users of Music Banter Forum enjoy discussing all aspects of music, including specific genre discussions, instrument discussions and album reviews.

Film Reference

Whether a user wants to better understand the Yugoslavian influence on film or read a biography of Kevin Spacey, they can find it here.

Science Clarified

Science Clarified provides easy-to-understand explanations of scientific topics. Users can add their own input to different entries via comments.

Encyclopedia of Children's Health

Users of Encyclopedia of Children’s Health can find detailed, easy-to-understand information about medical conditions, disorders and diseases that affect children.

Chemistry Explained

Visitors to Chemistry Explained can easily expand their knowledge of the chemistry field with a wide variety of chemistry-related entries.

Photo Dictionary

By allowing users to upload their own images, we seek to create a visual dictionary of the English language through photographs.

Biology Reference

Similar to Science Clarified, Biology Reference contains entries specific to the field of biology.

Food in Every Country

Food in Every Country provides detailed information on the culinary traditions of a wide range of countries, as well as recipes that users can easily make at home.

Encyclopedia of Myths

Encyclopedia of Myths is the go-to website to learn about any mythology, from ancient times to recent. Users are able to add input and discuss topics in the comments section on each entry.

Nutrition and Well-Being A to Z

How do amino acids work? What are functional foods? Users can find the answers at Nutrition and Well-Being A to Z.

World of Sports Science

From the dynamics of a basketball shot to an explanation of how muscle protein synthesis works, World of Sports Science has the answers.


Read Periodicals allows users to locate and read articles from various periodical publications by date, including issues published this month.

Water Encyclopedia

Users of Water Encyclopedia can find information and graphics on nearly any water-related topic, from general topics to specific scientific explanations.

Unit Conversion

Users of Unit Conversion can easily and quickly calculate conversions between two units. Unit Conversion also features an easy-to-use mobile version.

Read Abstracts

Read Abstracts contains abstracts of articles sorted by topic, and allows users to locate publications that may be of interest to them.

Fashion Encyclopedia

Fashion Encyclopedia provides users with detailed information on fashion trends and designers from the 15th century all the way to recent years.

Encyclopedia of Death and Dying

Encyclopedia of Death and Dying examines various topics related to death and dying from historical, social and scientific perspectives.

Profiles of U.S. Presidents

Whether the user is a student working on a history report or a person just scratching their curiosity, Profiles of U.S. Presidents provides the information they need.

Espionage Information

Visitors to Espionage Information can locate articles about a wide variety of topics related to espionage, intelligence and security throughout history.

Encyclopedia of the American Foreign Relations

This site allows visitors to better understand the history of the United States’ relations with foreign nations, as well as concepts related to foreign relations.

Encyclopedia of the Unusual and Unexplained

Ghosts, mystics, magic and aliens can all be found at Encyclopedia of the Unusual and Unexplained. Users can read these articles and discuss them in comment sections.

Medical Discoveries

Even people who are unfamiliar with medical language can learn about discoveries that changed the medical field forever at Medical Discoveries.

Pollution Issues

Pollution issues allows users to find detailed, easy-to-understand information about issues concerning the environment that are important to them.

Website Encyclopedia

Whatever information a user is looking for about a website, it can be found at Website Encyclopedia. Here they can find descriptions of sites, estimates of traffic, and information about the owner.

Press Reference

Users of Press Reference are able to quickly search through a variety of detailed entries to find specific information on the media in countries around the world.

Weather Explained

Weather Explained provides descriptions of climates from around the United States, as well as historical data for various cities.

Trademark Encyclopedia

Users of Trademark Encyclopedia can find history of a trademark including filing date, location, owner and prosecution history.

Ologies and Isms

Ologies and Isms is dedicated to providing definitions of words and sayings, as well as words and sayings with similar meanings.

Allusions: A Thematic Dictionary

Users of Allusions: A Thematic Dictionary are able to look browse or search for a topic and find stories throughout history that allude to that topic.

Encyclopedia of Children and Childhood in History and Society

Encyclopedia of Children and Childhood in History and Society allows users to locate detailed articles about the role of children in various topics.

World Directory of Minorities

World Directory of Minorities provides detailed profiles of minority cultures from around the world, including history, general characteristics and statistics about the culture.

Currency Conversion

Similar to Unit Conversion, Currency Conversion is specifically for calculating conversions between different international currencies.

Dictionary of Collective Nouns and Group Terms

Our Dictionary of Collective Nouns and Group Terms provides users with definitions of group terms that they cannot find in a regular dictionary.


New Searching allows users to search forums, car reviews and encyclopedia entries.

Time and Date Calculators

Time and Date Calculators provides users with a variety of time-related tools, including days between, time difference, moon phases and a sunrise calculator.

What Does That Mean?

What Does That Mean seeks to create a user-build dictionary of English sayings and buzzwords. It also includes a full English dictionary.

Fly Fishing - Lifetime Sport

Part of Love the Outdoors, Fly Fishing: The Lifetime Sport provides users of all skill levels the information they need to enjoy fly fishing.

English Dictionary

Like the name says, Simply Dictionary is an easy-to-use online dictionary.